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Crazy Singing Lady
Comedy songs for all occasions...

Crazy Singing Lady invites you to commission a song for an event, to promote your business or just as a gift.

No topic is too big or small, too serious or too stupid.

All you need to do is contact her with your requirements, and provide some background detail on your subject matter, if relevant.

As you can hear from the YouTube channel, Crazy Singing Lady oftens records just for a laugh, using just an upright piano and basic equipment, often making up the words as she goes along. This results in equally basic sound and somewhat dubious vocal quality. Commissioned songs however are recorded "properly" (see specific examples on the YouTube channel) resulting in a recording that is suitable for playing at high volume and also in vocals that are suitable for listening to without risk of making your ears bleed.

To contact Crazy Singing Lady:

email: charlotte@crazysinginglady.com

phone: +44 (0) 7977 584533